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  • What is Sparring?

    What is Sparring? Parents asked me this question all the time. I like to answer this question in this way. Most parents look for discipline, focus, confidence, and respectful children with strong self-control. They do not bring their children to Perry's Taekwondo Academy to make them more violent or to become bullies with martial arts training. I like to think we teach sparring in an understandable setting for their age. Our young students will fail if we teach only the physical part of sparring, not the character side. Without the character side, they may become more violent or what I refer to as "bullies without morals." First, we do not allow our students to spar Full-Contact at ....

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  • What is a No-Change?

    Getting a No-Change at testing could depend on a few factors making a mistake in your form, adaptable sparring combinations for your rank, missing your breaking attempts, and your indomitable spirit at testing. A No-Change at testing is a pretty hard dose of reality and can be very upsetting, downright frustrating, and hard to overcome. First, remember it's one day out of many training days, not just in Taekwondo but in life. There will be days that you will succeed and days you will not. Then you're going to ask yourself did I do enough to pass this testing, or did I do enough to squeak by. How can I fix the issues or problems if you received a No-Change at testing? ....

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  • About Us

    Perry’s Taekwondo Academy is a family business, owned and operated by Mr. Todd Perry and Ms. Tracy Perry. Our taekwondo story begins back in September of 2005 when I began searching for an activity for my 5-year-old son Jestin and six-year-old daughter Sabrina because their elementary school didn’t have recess and only offered P.E. classes 2 days a week. I wanted to find an after-school activity that would be fun and structured. After much searching, I found a martial arts school in Kissimmee, run by Mr. John Emmons, that fit our needs. I liked the fact that it was a family owned business and all of the family members were actively involved. I was a little nervous when the ....

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  • We Host Birthday Parties

    We Host Birthday Parties

    Contact us now for The best Birthday Ever!
    (Birthday parties are usually scheduled for our current students, not outside members) Phone: 407-905-Kick (5425) Email: ....

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