Getting a No-Change at testing could depend on a few factors making a mistake in your form, adaptable sparring combinations for your rank, missing your breaking attempts, and also your indomitable spirit at testing.

A No-Change at testing is a pretty hard dose of reality and can be very upsetting, downright frustrating, and hard to overcome.

First, remember it's one day in a long life of training not just in Taekwondo but in life. There will be days that you will succeed and days you will not.

Then you're going to ask yourself did I do enough to pass this testing or did I just do enough to squeak by.

If you received a No-Change at testing, how can I fix the issues or problems?

Here are some pointers to help you achieve your next rank.

Come to class regularly, Taekwondo is not easy and you can't get the full benefit if you're only coming one to two days a week.

Practice at home, I've been saying this for years working on your pattern at home is a great way to keep focused on your goal.

Make sure you sign up for events that come up like Tournaments and Clinics.

Lastly, ask an instructor to look at your form to make sure you're doing it correctly. Most of the Instructors at the Black Belt level have already had their trials with No-Changes.

We're not going to give you a new rank just because you showed up. So if you want the results, you need to put in the quality time and work towards your goal.

We'll see you in class keep your head high remember its just one day!

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