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Why is there discipline in martial arts?
We're asked all the time whether we can teach your child discipline.  There are numerous benefits for children and adults, including physical health and a boost in confidence.  Our approach at Perry's Taekwondo Academy is to instill the core values provided by our five taekwondo tenets.
Children face many obstacles in their daily lives, including their home life,  as well as in school and social interaction with others.  
Studies show that children attending a martial arts program learn proper behavior, become more sociable, and pay better attention in class.  
Our instructors instill discipline in their classes.  We constantly remind our students of the importance of rules, structure, and expectations during class time.  Not only is discipline necessary during a taekwondo class, but it's also to carry those learned skills to school and home.  A perfect example of learned discipline in taekwondo is that instructors remind students no noise making, talking, or horseplay on the workout floor.  The students learn to pay attention to their instructor and reframe from misbehaving.  These good behaviors typically result in better focus in school.  Discipline is also translated into showing respect for their instructor, parents, teachers, classmates, etc.  Which often reflects in earning better grades in school. 

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