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My daughter's love to go to Perry's Tekwondo Academy. Mr. and Mrs. Perry are very nice!!!

Daniel Espinola

Our son has had a phenomenal experience. We have noted a difference in his behavior and attitude towards responsibilities! Outstanding program!!

Dyanna Alley-Wilson

My kids have loved Todd Perry Taekwondo Academy from their very first day. The Perrys are amazing, they’re kind and excellent taekwondo instructors. I love watching my kids progress and learn. Todd Perry Taekwondo Academy has been so good for them, not just for their physical fitness, but also for their mindsets and overall well being. They set goals and work hard to achieve them, with the Perrys’ instruction, guidance and encouragement. We cannot say enough good things about Todd Perry Taekwondo Academy.

Ashlie Holler

The Perry Family is great with both of my kids! They have brought my 6 year old out of her shell and increased her confidence so much!!

I highly recommend Todd Perry's Taekwondo to anyone looking for any type of activity for the kids!

Katie Lynn

This is an Awesome place to bring your children! The instructors are very nice and they love people!! It's affordable and when my children leave, they are excited to come back for more!


Mr and Mrs Perry are excellent instructors and great with the kids. Very patient and encouraging instructional style combined with a methodical approach to teaching necessary skills for each belt level so that no kid is left behind if they regularly attend.

Michael Mason

This Martial Arts school is fantastic, staff is knowledgeable and always willing to help, my kids have been going for about 4 months and they love it. The school is brightly lit, Mr. Perry and his staff always has a smile and a welcoming demeanor. I will recommend this school to anyone.

Mo Khan

Great classes! The family that runs this place are extremely friendly and instill good form and behavior. I also enjoy that it is unlimited classes so that we can go all the time. Because of this, my son has moved from a white to yellow belt in 3 months.

Keisha Cornelius

Awesome experience for my son. Great environment, nice people.

Soumi Hsain

Very impressed with this place!!

Abdiel Landeros

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