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Get Your Child's Martial Arts Journey Started With Our Kids Taekwondo Program!

Here at Perry's Taekwondo Academy, our goal is to help your child build confidence, learn to be courteous, and become successful students across our community. In our Kids Taekwondo classes, we offer a safe and fun environment where we can help your child be their best.

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Why Join Our Kids Taekwondo Program?

Taekwondo is more than just a martial art, focused on learning punches and kicks. We offer a a unique system where your child will learn core life skills and values. We want to teach your child to be confident, disciplined, courteous, and respectful. Our Kids Taekwondo classes are about creating personal growth!

When your child trains to earn their next belt, they'll develop the ability to set and achieve their goals. When they meet new friends and their friendly instructors, they learn about the power of teamwork and striving for a common goal. As they practice each new technique, they gain focus and learn to be disciplined. We believe that Kids Taekwondo is the key for developing strong, healthy kids right here in Winter Garden!

Our Kids Taekwondo Classes offer:
  • A next level of confidence for students of any age
  • Lessons on smart goal-setting
  • Lasting teamwork & leadership skills
  • Positive role models to keep your child on the right track

Plus, Kids Love Taekwondo Classes!

Not only will your child gain real-world benefits in our Kids Taekwondo classes, they'll also become physically fit while having fun every day. Starting as early as age 4 in our Little Cobras program, your child will develop strength, agility, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Once they reach the age of 6, they'll become a part of our Juniors program. We also teach practical self-defense skills and anti-bullying strategies that will keep your child safe in Winter Garden and beyond!

With our Kids Taekwondo program, your child will:
  • Become stronger both physically and mentally
  • Gain balance & body control
  • Improve their hand-eye coordination with every technique learned
  • Establish lifelong habits of physical fitness

Join Us For The Best Kids Taekwondo Program in Winter Garden!

At Perry's Taekwondo Academy, we are proud to offer a Kids Martial Arts program that places importance on core values and helps students achieve their dreams, both small and big.  We've helped students from here in Winter Garden and beyond achieve greater confidence, better fitness, and put them on the path to success.

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