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Mr. Todd Perry

Mr. Perry has been training in Taekwondo for the last 19 years. He began his career at 28 in 2005. He finds it easy to relate to students at the beginner and advanced levels. He is currently a 4th-degree Senior Black Belt. Mr. Perry received his teaching certification in 2009.
At Perry’s Taekwondo Academy, it’s our goal to provide the highest quality martial arts instruction available in a safe and positive environment for our students and their families. Our program is designed to develop physical and mental skills while having lots of fun.
We use a proven teaching curriculum to help students learn to set and achieve goals.
Learn self-defense, build confidence, and many other physical, mental, and social benefits suitable for anyone and everyone. Be a part of something positive and learn new skills from trained and professional instructors.
We invite all of our new and prospective students to check out our story of how we begin our training and our testimonials from our students and their families.
Mr. Perry is a Level 4 Certified Instructor and is CPR and first aid certified.

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