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Family Taekwondo in Winter Garden

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My daughter's love to go to Perry's Tekwondo Academy. Mr. and Mrs. Perry are very nice!!! ... Read More

Daniel Espinola

Our son has had a phenomenal experience. We have noted a difference in his behavior and attitude towards responsibilities! Outstanding program!! ... Read More

Dyanna Alley-Wilson

My kids have loved Todd Perry Taekwondo Academy from their very first day. The Perrys are amazing, they’re kind and excellent taekwondo instructors. I love watching my kids progress and learn. Todd Perry Taekwondo Academy has been so good for them, not just for their physical fitness, but also for their mindsets and overall well being. They set goals and work hard to achieve them, with the ... Read More

Ashlie Holler

Kids Taekwondo near Winter Garden

Kids Taekwondo

With our Kids Taekwondo classes, we'll help your child learn focus, discipline, and lifelong physical fitness habits. Join us at Perry's Taekwondo Academy and help your child thrive both on and off the mats.

Kids Taekwondo near Winter Garden

Teen and Adult Taekwondo

Whether you're looking to drop some weight, build lean muscle, or learn practical self-defense skills, our Teen and Adult Taekwondo program has life long benefits. By training in Taekwondo, you'll increase your confidence, reduce your stress and anxiety levels, and have boosted energy in each and every day.

Kids Taekwondo near Winter Garden

Birthday Parties

Perry's Taekwondo Academy has the best Birthday Party experience you can find in Winter Garden. You child will always remember how much fun their party was!

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Family Friendly Taekwondo in Winter Garden

Whether you're looking for your child's first martial arts class or you're looking to reclaim a top level of fitness, there's a Taekwondo program for you here at Perry's Taekwondo Academy! We are family owned and operated, and we are a part of the Taekwondo America family. We have five tenents that our students adhere to: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit. With those in mind, you'll be able to take on anything that may come your way.

We have over a decade of experience in Taekwondo, and we've helped people of all ages in the Winter Garden community. Our experienced instructors are attentive, patient, helpful, and courteous. Our staff's here to help you stay fit, increase your focus, relieve stress, and discipline yourself toward reaching goals through Taekwondo. You'll also be joining our family here of like-minded students and you'll establish relationships that will last a lifetime.

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winter garden Martial Arts

Perry's Taekwondo Academy

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Confidence & Self-Esteem in Winter Garden - Perry's Taekwondo Academy

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Whether you are looking to help your child or teen find opportunity to increase self-esteem through goal-setting and achievement, or you are an adult looking for increased confidence that you could protect yourself in a tough spot, Taekwondo training has something for you.

Discipline & Self-Control in Winter Garden - Perry's Taekwondo Academy

Discipline & Self-Control

One of the best things about Taekwondo is how training leads to increased focus, more respect for self and others, and a path to more achievement in the community.

Self-Defense in Winter Garden - Perry's Taekwondo Academy


Taekwondo training is more than just old techniques meant to be performed or utilized only in friendly competition. It provides confidence that the student can protect themselves in the real world should a dangerous situation occur.

New Friends & Mentors in Winter Garden - Perry's Taekwondo Academy

New Friends & Mentors

Becoming a part of a Taekwondo America school is more than just signing up for a program. It's also joining a family. You'll have instructors who will help you reach your goals. You'll have like-minded classmates who inspire and challenge you.

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